Little Feet Paediatrics is a paediatric practice that specialises in general paediatrics and paediatric allergy. We are a group of paediatricians and allied health professionals committed to the general wellbeing and health of all children, from birth to their teenage years. Our key goal is to assist families when their children are unwell or struggling with developmental milestones. We manage acute and chronic problems on an outpatient basis and if necessary, as an inpatient. A multidisciplinary team is available to assist with managing complicated problems with relevant investigations and referral to an appropriate paediatric subspecialist, if required.

We are passionate about preventing illness, promoting good health and good development in the growing child. Your child’s health starts with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy mother. Along with the first two formative years the first 1000 days is key to good long term outcomes, by ensuring optimal nutrition, optimal development, vaccinations and a loving home environment.

Our services comprise two practices, one situated in bellville melomed hospital and the other in Century City. Our Bellville practise is run by Dr Michael Ledger, with assistance from Dr Muneerah Satardien. Our days are filled with both inpatient and outpatient care. Inpatient care comprises attendance at the deliveries of newborn babies, the management of sick babies and premies, as young as 28 weeks, in our neonatal ICU and the care of unwell infants, toddlers and children in our paediatric ward. Outpatient services involve routine check-ups, general consultations and counseling in our child friendly rooms. Along with the other paeditatric practice in the hospital, we provide a 24hr paediatric and neonatal emergency service.

At Little Feet Century City Dr Tamara Kerbelker provides a comprehensive paediatric allergy service that includes: allergy history taking, a focused examination, with relevant special investigations, including skin prick tests. Dr Michael Ledger sees general paediatric problems twice a week between 8am and 5pm. All paediatric problems are welcome and the very unwell child can be admitted to N1 city for further care and management.

We try our best to accommodate all medical aids and payment options.