Madre Kroukamp Speech Therapists Inc is a sole owned Speech Therapy practice in Cape Town specializing in the therapeutic treatment of individuals of all ages with speech-, language- and swallowing disorders and/or difficulties. More specifically, we have accumulated more than 10 years’ experience and knowledge in the field and are particularly skilled and passionate about:

  • Paediatric feeding challenges, while providing alternative feeding techniques and -stimulation for premature as well as term babies and toddlers.
  • Speech and Language Delays and/or Disorders in children.
  • Auditory disorders in children pertaining to phonological awareness, literacy
  • Speech-, Language and Swallowing difficulties and/or disorders following neurological incidents such as strokes and/ or brain injuries.

An additional service that we are offering is:

  • Breastfeeding assistance to moms, Madre being a qualified breastfeeding consultant since 2013.

This service is offered, charging medical aid rates, in a personalized, one-to-one setting at hospitals, Doctor’s rooms (at the doctor’s discretion) and/or patient’s homes.