I am a registered paediatrician, currently living my passion through the honour of caring for, and being the advocate of the little souls that place their health and lives in my hands.

Not only do I endeavor to take on the responsibility of the health of another mother’s child, but I took an oath to place my patients’ well-being above that of even my own, thus working many hours for the sake of my patients. From the early age of seven, when I was first diagnosed with asthma, I looked at my paediatrician with such awe, realizing that this person worked daily to improve my health. I knew immediately that paediatrics was the path I would choose, since there is no greater reward for me than making a child’s life just a little more comfortable with my hands and hard work.

I have always loved working with children; their quirky outlook on life, unrestrained honesty and never ending capacity for love inspires me daily. They are always a mystery, I have to work hard and challenge myself to find the cause of their pain when only their sad eyes can say that they are not feeling well.

It is a great privilege to have a parent trust me as a person as well as a doctor, to comfort, heal and eventually impact the lives of their children through medicine. Particularly rewarding is the fact that the child and their entire family become my patient, I can build an everlasting relationship and watch and assist a child grow and impact their futures hopefully always in a positive manner.

I studied medicine at the University of Cape Town where I graduated in 2008. I then completed a two year internship at Grooteschuur Hospital, mostly enjoying my six month rotation in paediatrics and neonatology, that solidified my decision to pursue a career in paediatrics. Since 2010 I have been working in various departments in paediatrics at the Gugulethu Community Health Centre, Khayelitsha district hospital and eventually completed my training at the Tygerberg Children’s’ Hospital.

I now have had the pleasure in joining Doctor Michael Ledger at his private practice at Bellville Melomed hospital where I am privileged enough to see a wide spectrum of neonatal as well as paediatric and adolescent medicine. My particular interests have been in neonatology and the neurodevelopment of children, which I hope to pursue in the near future.

I have recently been blessed with a little boy, and hoping that one day he will be proud of the hard work his mother does to improve the health of other children, makes this life choice even more satisfying.